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*All Rider Must Have a Photo Id.*

*Any Rider Under The Age of 18 Must Be
Signed in By Either Parent Or Legal Guardianship*
(With Documentation Of Guardianship)

*All Riders Must Wear Helment and Riding Boots*
(Or Any Boots that Cover your Ankle)

No tennis shoes!!

*Parents Or Guardians Are Responsible For
Minors Actions*

*Parents Or Guardians Must Supervise Minor At All Times!!*
(We are Not a Day Care Center)

*No Drugs! No Alcohol! No Drama!

*Any riders caught drinking will be told to leave*

*All Riders Must Stay Within Marked Riding Limits*

*All Riders Are Recomened To Bring Insurance*

*Park Staff Has The Right To Eject Anyone That Acts
Improperly, Or a Threat To Others*
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